Although our cartoonists draw about a wide range of issues, some subjects get a lot of ink. On this page, you can find the collections we have created about these subjects, grouping together some of our favorite cartoons that provide different perspectives and global coverage.



Mass tourism

Before corona, increasing tourism was a significant threat for the environment. Will we see a return of mass tourism when the pandemic ends?



AUKUS is a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, announced on 15 September 2021, causing a diplomatic row between France and Australia over a broken submarine contract.


Parents & children

Our parents have a profound influence on the people we become, by passing on their genetic material to us, and (for most of us) by guiding us to adulthood. In this collection you can find some cartoon perspectives on childhood and parenting.


20th anniversary of 9/11

20 years ago on September 11, a terrorist attack changed the skyline of New York City. It also changed the world.


Angela Merkel, a cartoon retrospective

Angela Merkel will not be running in the German elections on September 26, marking the end of her 16 years in office. In this collection, you will find some our favorite Merkel cartoons that have been drawn through the years.


Fake news

Misinformation, alternative facts and fake news: the dangers of the modern media age.



Wildfires rage in Greece and Turkey, Siberia and California.



Alcohol is one of the world’s largest risk factors for premature death; Alcohol and domestic abuse frequently go hand in hand. Our collection of cartoons warning of excessive consumption of alcohol.



A collection of cartoons about the people who are reluctant to take the coronavirus vaccine, or downright hostile to the prospect of getting a jab.


Deadly weather

Climate change is driving deadly weather disasters around the world, as hotter temperatures produce deeper droughts and heavier rains.


Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the XXXII Olympiad is held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan, while the coronavirus pandemic rages on in various parts of the world.


Targeting journalists

In the Netherlands, investigative journalist Peter R De Vries was shot. He is known for his work on exposing mobsters and drug kingpins. In today's world, journalists (in press freedom) are increasingly under threat.


US troops leave Afghanistan

US and NATO troops will pull out of Afghanistan in September 2021.