An overview of our projects

Editorial cartoonists have the ability to condense complex issues into a single image. An image that makes you think about the world around you. We work with international media, but also with universities, museums, NGOs and international bodies like the United Nations to produce cartoons on a range of issues, from climate change to human rights.

You make the difference

2021 – Cartoon exhibition in Lithuania
We created an exhibition of 30 cartoons titled 'You make the difference' that will be on display at the National Martynas Mažvydas Library in Vilnius, Lithuania. This exhibition shows past and present perspectives on various ways of how we can make a difference when it comes to human rights.

Cartoons for the Council of Europe

2021 – Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe
We are partnering with the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe this year. Throughout 2021, we will support the various publications of the Commissioner with cartoons about human rights issues.

Cartoonist 2 Cartoonist

2021 – Instagram
In C2C, CM editors Ema Del Rosso and Tjeerd Royaards go on Instagram about once a month to give live feedback on selected cartoons. The feedback is constructive and meant to help the cartoonist to develop their style further and make his or her work better.

Cartoons in the classroom

Teaching visual literacy with political cartoons
Political cartoons are a powerful form of communication. With a few simple lines, cartoonists convey their thoughts on society, on those in power, and on subjects like human rights, the environment and inequality. In class, cartoons are a great way to teach students about the power of visuals and the importance of challenging power and addressing injustice and corruption.

Cartoons in Court: towards a forensic analysis of visual humor

2020-2023 – Institute for Advanced Study
Cartoon Movement is part of Constructive Advanced Thinking team Cartoons in Court, Between 2020 and 2023, this team will be doing research on legal controversies around cartoons and humor. The project is coordinated by the Institute for Advanced Study at Central European University.

Digital cartoon wall: selected cartoons

2020 – Cartoon Movement & Cartooning for Peace
Between 2 December and 10 December, we will select the best cartoons from our digital cartoon wall and post them here. The digital cartoon wall is part of the World Press Freedom Conference 2020 and is an initiative of Cartoon Movement and Cartooning for Peace.

Digital cartoon wall

2020 – Cartoon Movement & Cartooning for Peace
On December 9 and 10, the World Press Freedom Conference 2020 (WPFC) will take place online and in The Hague, the Netherlands. The WPFC gathers journalists, media companies, human rights defenders, members of the judiciary, policymakers, academics, youth, NGOs and everyone who is interested in press freedom worldwide. During the conference, and in the week before, Cartooning for Peace and Cartoon Movement invite you to share your own thoughts, ideas, comments, concerns, sketches or photos regarding press freedom.

Journalism without fear or favour in Bangkok

2020 – Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand
In light of the World Press Freedom Conference 2020, that will take place in The Hague and online, on December 9 and 10, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand is hosting a cartoon exhibition on press freedom. The cartoons are selected from the submissions that were received in the World press freedom cartoon competition, organised by Cartoon Movement and Cartooning for Peace earlier this year. In addition, Stephff from Thailand, Zunar from Malaysia and Kyaw Thu Yein from Myanmar were commissioned to create a cartoon specially for this exhibition.

Comics journalism - Public authority in Africa

2020 – London School of Economics

In partnership with the Centre of Public Authority and International Development (CPAID) of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), we are producing a series of six comics on public authority in different countries across Africa. The project is supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the Economic Social and Research Council (ESRC). View the full comics by clicking on the links below:

Peace & justice

2014-2020 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
Since 2014, we have worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands each year to promote human rights, peace, justice and security, using cartoons and our network of cartoonists. Working with Dutch embassies all over the world, ambassadors were paired with cartoonists from our network to give guest lectures at schools and universities in several countries. Cartoonists showed the importance of their work, and ambassadors talked about the relevance of peace and justice.

Let's change the scene

2020 – 5 Media
5 is a new international media platform with the mission to imagine and create a new reality by sharing stories, spotlighting new perspectives and encouraging progressive action. We worked with them to produce cartoons on themes and topics they deal with, such as Being Alive and How to bridge the racism chasm?

World Press Freedom Conference - Cartoon competition

2020 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands/UNESCO
The World Press Freedom Conference (WPFC) will take place on December 9 and 10, 2020 at the World Forum in The Hague, a city known for its role in international peace and justice. This year’s conference aims to digitally bring together the professional community of journalists, media companies, human rights defenders, members of the judiciary (including judges, lawyers and prosecutors) policymakers and NGOs, and to connect them to a large global audience that can actively participate online. Cartoon Movement partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cartooning for Peace to organize a cartoon competition on this year's conference theme: journalism without fear or favour