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Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in humanitarian response

2013 – The Sphere Project

The Sphere Project is an initiative that brings together many of the world’s largest and oldest humanitarian agencies with the aim to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance to people affected by disasters or conflicts. In this partnership, Cartoon Movement and the Sphere Project teamed up to spread even further the awareness of the Humanitarian Charter and the Handbook amongst humanitarian actors, using cartoons.

To this end, the Sphere Project establishes and promotes a series of humanitarian principles and minimum standards in key areas of humanitarian aid (such as water, health, shelter and food). These principles and standards are made available through the Sphere Handbook: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response.

The cartoons focus on the values and principles defined by the Humanitarian Charter , which provides the ethical and legal backdrop to the standards in the Handbook. The campaign will consist of posters and post cards with the cartoons that illustrate the principles defined in the Humanitarian Charter.

Work from cartoonists