Born on 1965, Tehran.

He is graduated on graphic from Talegani Faculty.
He has B.A in painting from visual arts faculty in Tehran University.
He started his professional activities in painting and caricature after graduation.
He cooperates with media and magazines such as keyhan caricature, Hamshahri, Iran, Tavana, Resalat, Jame Jam newspapers and Tanze parsi, Khane va Khanevadeh magazines Ö
He has traveled to turkey on 1997 till 2000 to establish exhibitions of painting and Cartoon, and he has won many national and international awards.
He was professor of graphic, Techniques of cartoon for 4 years in Iranian House of cartoon, and he taught design in Tehran and Khavaran Cultural centerÖ
He Started to work in three-dimensional animation in branches such as directorial, character design, special effects, Composite and matte painting, Ö in solo and group activities.

Cooperation with three ñ dimensional animation companies: Tasvir-e- Vizheh, Hoor- Torfeh Newspaper ñ Saba ñ Ravayate Fath ñ Nas

He was the Jury in:
 International cartoon contest in Tabriz
 International Fadjr cartoon Biennial Tehran 2009
 International Tehran cartoon Biennial Tehran 2009
 International Fadjr Visual Arts Contest 2009

He has participated on different international cartoon, caricature Contests in: Japan, USA, South Korea, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Kuwait

 First Prize in International cartoon Contest UNESCO (one land, care and Cooperation) 1997.
 First prize in International Contest Palestinian are Homeless.
 First Prize in Mobile Section in Bahrevari Contest 2007.
 3rd Prize in Nahr to Black Contest, Turkey by the subject of generosity 1998.
 Prizes of National Medias in 1995-1996-1997.
 Honorable Mention and Trophy in Tehran Biennial 2001 by the subject of Pen.
 First prize in Tehran Biennial 2005 by the View of People.
 Special trophy in 9th Biennial by the Subject of Immigration.
 Third Prize in Iran Gas Contest.
 Special Prize of Turkish Medias in International Contest Molla Nasredin 1999.
 Honorable Mention in 3rd Tehran Biennial.
 Honorable Mention in Molla Nasredin Turkey 1998, in free section.
 Honorable Mention in Tehran Air Pollution contest 1997.
 Four Honorable Mentions in Taijon, South Korea Contests 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
 2nd Prize in Animation Contest of Iran Animation Site 2002.