Graduated in A. Applied and O. Artistics of Seville and Córdoba, Artistic Plastico-Illustrator; Exhibition in 1975 (Seville and Madrid) selected in painting contests; Andalusian Painters for Andalusia, National Sport in Art, Art Club, Sevilla Art etc. Individual exhibitions: being the most representative, 2011 (Paisajes de M. Macías) at the headquarters of RTVA in Seville, in the creative design section; He is the winner of the contest for the election of the Carroza (Goddess Palas Athena) for the Magi 2006 of the Ateneo de Sevilla. The Graphic Humor, after the painting is relevant in its activity as publications of satirical magazines (Humor EMA3) year 77, Official School of Cartoonists (CODES) years 81/82 participations in competitions and exhibitions of Graphic Humor; Collaborator of the Editorial Grupo Informría S.L (AGENDA of the company) Section "Ojo Crítico", 2003/2011. Cartoonist Platform (The Cartoon Movement Blog) in CARTOON international competitions of vignettes and cartoons, period 2010 to the current date.