Mike has been drawing professionally since the age of 18; his more 
"radical" work first gained notice in the old Yipster Times 'zine in 
early 1978. In 2000, he helped found the Washington DC Independent 
Media Center in advance of the Spring 2000 IMF/World Bank mass 
mobilizations, and served on the DC IMC editorial board from 2005 to 
2009. His posters promoting mass protests for peace and social and 
economic justice have been reproduced and "wheatpasted" widely in 
North America and Europe, and his editorial work has been featured in 
The Progressive magazine, Alternative Press Review, and the Washington 
Post. He has also been profiled and interviewed in the Washington 
Post, and on RT America television and the "Primo Nutmeg" podcast, and 
was the subject of a 2015 documentary, "Flugennock".

You can see more of Mike's work and learn more about his career in 
alternative media at http://www.sinkers.org