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10 August 2021

Vaccine Mandates

Despite the increasing numbers of dead, infected and injured among those being "inocculated" (do some research) and the media desperately trying to cover it up, governments and their propaganda outlets have begun to subtly incite anger against those resisting an injection by referring to them as “The Unvaccinated” or "disease spreaders", evil terms to describe healthy people who have a healthy skepticism about mRNA "vaccines" and the truthless, upside down world we live in.
I was called a "crazy conspiracy theorist" on most social media platforms when this cartoon was first published in late 2020 because discussions about vaccine mandates weren't yet in the public forum.
I don't care about that. But what I do care about is only two or three others on this platform are putting up any form of resistance to that truthless upside down world.

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If everyone around you thinks you’re crazy and a conspiracy theorist, then maybe, just maybe you are. Read the room, dude.

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