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18 August 2020

Ridin' with Biden

Basement Joe and Hypocrite Harris. If they win in November... America will end up a flaming wreck at the bottom of a cliff.
If they lose... America is heading for outright burning, looting and murdering anarchy.

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Well, I'm with you Antonio. Fast & Furious. But these partisan cartoonists will trust a paid shill like Rachel (Madcow) Madow or CNN non-sense than you.
biden/Harris is just a dumber-er version of Obama/Hillary, creepy disastrous corrupt losers.

Excellent work, Pete !! For my part, as a Mexican, I cannot forget the record number of deportations of Mexican and Latino workers, by Barak Obama, the death of many of them by the Border Patrol with total impunity, the distribution of high-caliber weapons to drug cartels in Mexico, in its Fast and Furious program (with the complicity of the Mexican government, of former President Calderón), which meant thousands of victims and displaced by violence, and its agenda of invasion and death, as well as support for groups terrorists and record in drone bombings in his last year as president, 26 thousand bombs, with Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan being his main targets. Biden and Harris are, in my opinion at least, just an extension to the Obama-Clinton agenda, where Trump, speaking of a true Terror, is like a kid playing pinball in Las Vegas.

Somehow 1% Biden dementia Joe and sell-out corrupt radical 2% Komala will save the US from the far left radicals Antifa and BLM unleashed in the streets, as they where in 2016, with financial support from Dems supporter Soros... I didn't hear Dems condemning those violences, but rather say "Protests are mostly peaceful" and "violences are justified". So, even officially, they are not even hiding antifa/blm serve them.
And sending feds when local Dems order police stand downs is facism?
Guys, either you are brainwashed or cynical demagogues, maybe both. Any reasonable person in the street, without blinders, not partisans like you, has a clearer understanding of what is going on. The people is against you and will vote against you for supporting such chaos for political gain. That's why you need your vote-by-mail fraud scheme.

On the Dems side, only Tulsi speaks truth:

Oh thank you for that Steve. After reading it I've completely changed my mind and now believe that Joe Biden will miraculously transform himself into a presidential-type leader. Cheers mate

Can't agree with this one, Pete. If Biden wins, it's back to more-or-less normalcy while trying to undo four years of damage. If he loses, Trump's America will be even bleaker than now, with him trying to become a dictator. Some of the looting, burning and anarchy was stirred up by Trump supporters trying to give him an excuse to get brutal with his unmarked police, while even a pretend show of sympathy for black Americans (rather than promising to sic vicious dogs on them) might have made the situation less volatile early on.

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