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20 December 2020


I had a heart attack last week, much drama, rushed to hospital in a speeding ambulance etc, had a stent put in to unblock an artery. The doctors said I have to quit smoking. So that's what I'm doing.

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Good luck with the quitting Pete. It is not easy but it is possible, speaking as an ex smoker. Perhaps, when the urge just gets to be tooooo much, a wee toke of something else might help.

And so glad you are doing well. We all need you here doing what you do so well.

And here comes an hostile exploiting your disclosure to poke at you while pretending otherwise...

You seem like a “the man won’t take away my freedom to smoke” type of guy, but I’m glad too hear it. I wish you good health.

! Shocking!!!
And you decided to expose it here, with many hostiles? Is that wise?

But wise decision on quitting, sir. All the best to you.

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