2832 x 2712 px
14 July 2020

Portrait of Doctor Fauxi

U.S infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci's days as head of a coronavirus task force may be numbered after a series of contradictory statements regarding COVID-19 lead to suspicions of a plot to sabotage the resurgence of a virus-hit U.S economy in an election year.

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Barbara, the guy is an uber creep, but see how he melts when put back in his lab-rat place... how mny ppl did he kill with his constatnt dithering/flip-flopping?

NEMO, you do crack me up. You are truly fearless. As for Fauci. Bye bye F-f-fauci!

don't we all like him with his mafia style raspy voice and his struggling grimaces to contain his unease with the big guy?

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