American protest-song legend Woody Guthrie was known for the sticker on his guitar reading "This Machine Kills Fascists".
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3 September 2020

This Machine Kills Fascists

American protest-song legend Woody Guthrie was known for the sticker on his guitar reading "This Machine Kills Fascists".

However, the murder of unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin by Kyle Rittenhouse — and the ongoing assaults against unarmed protesters by armed fascist thugs — have led me to conclude that there's only one kind of machine that kills fascists, and it's NOT a guitar.

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1 Comment

OK sir...
1. Obviously you haven't reviewed the evidence for yourself and repeat repeat what you hear.
2. Armed antifa/blm thugs are not "unarmed protesters"
3. You are not the judge and jury, calling a 17 year old kid in a self-defense situation a "fascist thug murderer", where did you get that?... He didn't spray around randomly, but responded to the armed attackers only, showing control and restraint. Not bad for a 17 y old. Other shots heard before and after, not him firing 'em. After the incident he went directly to the police... What do you know about him, really? He answered a call to defend a business area, with a garage and a gas station. I'm pretty sure your friendly arsonists wanted to have their pictures taken in front of a gas station explosion/fire... Did you know that he's a life-guard, brought a first emergency kit, helped a wounded protester? Did you know that?
He was chased and threatened, tracked and attacked after extinguishing a dumpster fire "peaceful protesters" lit, your so-called "antifascist" armed thugs who have been vandalizing-terrorizing-burning-injuring-killing people for 100 days with the support of the media and the Dems (2000+ injured officers, 16+ deaths related by the count I read 2 weeks ago)
4. You could review the evidence for yourself on youtube, for example the guy trying to wrestle his rifle clearly had a gun in hand and the kid shot his arm... Go watch it please.
5. Review for yourself, don't let your masters tell you 100 days of leftist violence is good, and people taking their rights in their own hands is bad when the authorities abandon their duty.
6. Can't you wait to know more before attacking and destroing another kid while you really know nothing about the case? That's partisan and morally wrong. So if your for high moral standards, you are not applying it yourself in your expedited false, dictated judgement.

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