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8 October 2020

Lord of the Flies

What every cartoonist should be focusing on right now is the unfolding of maybe the biggest scandal in U.S political history, after the release of declassified documents show that high-ranking members of the Obama-Biden White House along with intelligence agency officials, plotted to undermine the candidacy and later destroy the presidency of President Donald Trump.

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Amazing the fuss over the Pence fly when the Obama fly (and the Clinton fly) were totally ignored...

The inspector general’s report released in December 2019 found no evidence of illegal “spying” — either before or after the FBI opened the investigation, known as Crossfire Hurricane. 
The report said that the Crossfire Hurricane team conducted an “initial analysis of links between Trump campaign members and Russia,” and then opened four individual cases in August 2016 — on Trump campaign associates George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. The IG report reviewed the department’s handling of those four cases. 
“We found no evidence that the FBI used CHSs [confidential human sources] or UCEs [undercover employees] to interact with members of the Trump campaign prior to the opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation,” the report said. “After the opening of the investigation, we found no evidence that the FBI placed any CHSs or UCEs within the Trump campaign or tasked any CHSs or UCEs to report on the Trump campaign.”
The report said the interactions between the Trump campaign aides and the FBI’s confidential sources “received the necessary FBI approvals” and were “consensually monitored and recorded by the FBI.

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