Commentary on US/Western media "reporting" on US/NATO war in Ukraine
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11 April 2022

A Frightening Situation

Inspired by the rip-roaring coverage of atrocities, war crimes, and miscellaneous ruthlessness by America's Official Enemy against the Ukraine in the very same corporate-owned Western media who worked itself to death to cover up atrocities, war crimes, and miscellaneous ruthlessness by America against Iraq and Afghanistan. Nowadays, of course, the Boss Media in the US and its "international community" are all about war crimes and atrocities and bombed civilians and the Hague n'shit. Wotta joke.

If this were a similar scene in Gaza, of Palestinian women getting ready to resist the terrorism of the IDF and Israeli colonists, do you honestly think Reuters — and MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times, all the usual suspects — would run some inspiring, heart-warming piece on ordinary women rushing to the defense of their land against invaders?

Nah, it'd be some crap about peaceful Israelis just minding their own while the mean, evil terrorist Palestinians try to resist the peaceful Israelis' attempts to drive them out of their homes and murder them.

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