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30 July 2021

Axis of Resistance

Looks like our side is on a roll, kids — two new Socialist presidents in South America, they kicked that scum Añez out, and that other scum Fujimori, Nicaragua's beating down that "SOS" astroturf, Cuba's got all the international solidarity they can handle... hell, man; I couldn't be more inspired at the way the world is standing together against America right now. Now, these are the kind of "red states" I can get behind.

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Ou these western romantic communists:) Try live in a country that trys reach mystical communism and then draw your posters. All world history shows that the idea of communism only brings suffering and death to millions of people and helps a few people stick to the power, and that's all. But of course, you live in the citadel of capitalism USA:) and feel right drawing about evil West, ambidexter!

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