Finalist in Grand Prix of the independent journalism 2012, I collaborate with the magazine À Bâbord, Le Taon and Le Québécois. My site, www.aprilus.com, also presents illustrations for youth, satiric caricatures, as well as other projects.

Living in a colony, I'd like to replace the small Canadian flag appeairing bellow my name by the Quebec's flag. But then, it would be to replace it by the black flag! As said Ho Chi Minh, nothing is more precious than freedom and independence.

As an amateur of acrid, salty and gladly militant humor, I celebrate in illustrations the nonsense of the world to avoid to regret not having made it and to avoid throwing custard pies.

Influenced in Quebec by the Pierre Falardeau's grotesque and political humor, I was also very permeable to the French satiric and anarchistic newspapers.

Settled globe-trotter, technician in animal health converted in biologist, teacher, then in farmer-illustrator, I'm a self-taught carrying heterogeneous luggages whom the weird experiences punctuate my pencil strokes.