• Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering - The Islamic University of Gaza – Palestine of 2009.


• The third prize in Caricature category for (Palestine Prize for Press and Media) from Palestinian Journalist's Syndicate(PJS), on anniversary of press day,2011.
• The first prize in caricature from the General Union of Cultural Centers "GUCC" of 2010. • A diploma awarded prize in the international competition in Serbia "ZIKISON 2008". • Certificate of merit (appreciation) from the Ministry of Youth and Sport - General administration of youth, to participate in the success of the first general conference for the Palestinian youth from 5/8/2008 to 6/8/2008. • Certificate of merit (appreciation) from the Deanery of Student Affairs, The Islamic University to participate in the success of the second activities week for culture, arts from 1/12/2007 to 5/12/2007. • Award in the field of Caricature in the first culture contest (Creativity 2007) for students of The Islamic University, established by Deanery of Student Affairs at The Islamic University. • First award in the cartoon competition, established by the council of The Islamic University students in the activities week for the sincerity to prisoners in the second semester in 2005 - 2006. • Certificate of merit (appreciation) from (Canaan Institute of New Pedagogy), about participating in the success of the art exhibition in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Intifada and the psychological impact on children, youth and women. • Award in the field of drawing during (The Battle for Jerusalem Artistic Competition) established by Ministry of Youth and Sports in the date 2/4/1997. • Certificate of merit (appreciation) from Students Union Block for the contribution in the swimming teaching from 25/7/2009 until 5/8/2009. • Certificate of merit (appreciation) from Students Union Block for the contribution in the service the art, society and syndicate.


• Coordinator of the classification of construction companies administration at the Palestinian Contractors Union ((PCU)). • A member in the Engineers Association - Governorates of Gaza. • Cartoonist in several local, Arabic and international newspapers, magazines and websites. • Caricature Website entitled www.majedbadra.net divided into international, Arabic, Palestinian, and social events, and national occasions, beside articles and interviews. • Coordinator of caricature exhibition entitled (Comic Liness) which was organized by The General Union of Cultural Centers (GUCC) in the hall of the Red Crescent in Gaza on 22-23/12/2010 within " better future for Youth" project funded by the Association of Norwegian people's aid,15 cartoonists participated in this exhibition from Arab and foreign countries, with 70 cartoons. • Especial gallery of cartoons by Palestinian Center for Youth Work, As a part of "Jerusalem is the capital of Arab Culture activities 2009" at the hall of information and inform the Palestinian women center, from 20/12/2009 to 21/12/2009. • Gallery of cartoons by Students Union Block, at the Islamic University in Gaza - from 27/3/2007 to 30/3/2007. • Participation in several exhibitions in several local Arabic and internationally institutions. • Member of the secretariat of the association of cartoonists for freedom and its representative in Gaza Strip. • Press interviewer on local, Arab and International websites and on the radio and television. • Writing articles about Cartoons and the political situation and writing poem. • Trainer in many issues (Caricature, swimming, youth issues, Democracy and human rights…etc. • Participation in activities related to the following issues (students, political, social, artistic, and cultural issues, voluntary activities...etc).