I would like to introduce myself my name is Una Flores, I am engaged in the preparation of text materials on the most unusual subjects. I write short, informative and understandable language of the target audience.
The company's goal https://domyhomework.nyc/ in which I work, one - to replace an effective text work 10 managers. In addition to academic texts I perform custom orders related to art, music and video content. One of my favorite topics for essay writing is Disney. Because it was part of my life since I can remember. I remember being in a very, very young age watching cartoons about Mickey Mouse. In the trailer for camping has a cartoon of Mickey and Donald Duck. Yeah, you know the cartoon, I'm talking about! Classic! I do not think they will ever be able to make a better cartoon! I remember when I was a toy type View Master, who played in this short film. Another great cartoon - Mickey Mouse and ghosts! Memories! Still love chipmunks Chip and Dale! Christmas Cartoon - the best Christmas gift ever!
I grew up in southern California and lived very close to Disneyland, so Mog often go there and feed a growing love affair between me and Disney. Once I had the opportunity to tour the "backstage area" Disneyland of the fact that I raised and lowered the flag and held parades of the great Olympians for Girl Scouts shortly before the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. That day I learned a lot about Disneyland. So worth getting up early! Between the parades I could enjoy the park, I gained free access to Disneyland for one day so that I could visit him many times for very little money! We have a goal to get to Disney World in Orlando this year. It's always been a dream of mine, so I hope very soon to leave!
Well, I love Disneyland, and yes, it's a big part of it, but there are also cartoon characters and movies, as well as films with live militants that Disney releases on a regular basis, who continue to support our love ... Thank God, how I I left. Two states in Utah. But I always find a new reason why I love Disney. As a child I was, roughly speaking, I loved Cinderella. Because all girls dream of finding her prince and a princess, it is easy to fall in love with a fairytale. Not to mention the cute little mouse, Gus-Gus is my favorite:. "Reyker, it is easy to cluck" Lady and the Tramp and Aristokoty were favorites of many times I remember reading a book tales, but now I read them to his daughter Over the years, my love.! to Disney is getting deeper as I find new characters, you can fall in love, from the new movie. to see them in the theaters and on access roads. I bought all the movies he could. However, this is just a record. So many characters, which should be loved so little time.
I even drew her children to her obsession with Disney. In my four daughters all bad! She already loves to several characters. Her room is decorated in Princess: bed sheets, pillows, wall hangings, lamps, toys LOL. For me, invaluable to share the love with your kids. I think it brings us closer together, because reminds me that I myself was a child, holding my young heart!
Well, as you can see, I love Disney and I can spend hours talking about it.