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20 November 2020

Verbal and physical bullying

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Thanks Ahmad, giving more bullets for more censorship, Tjeerd likes it

My point is that:
- one can bully with words, yes, but words do not kill
- pulling the trigger is more than bullying, it's assault and it can kill
Those are not equivalent.

I understand it's a cartoon, not math or law.
But it can serve biased agendas, such as "criticising me is bullying", and then no one can say a word, because words would hurt like bullets as a new rule censors would kill open discussion?

In the actual context of pollitical correctness, these radicals are trying to limit (verbal) expression to shut down anyone opposing them/criticizing them with exagerated claims.
I've been censored and blocked on cartoonmovement based on such exagerations. So it's no surprise the censor likes it.

I don't know your opinion, I'm just saying how it can be interpreted and why I see a problem with it.

Thank you very much for your point of view, and I accept it with open arms .. I did not think when I published the drawing about such matters, and the intention was that bullying, in both theoretical and physical parts, becomes a murderer and the person bullying him may lead to suicide
Accept my greetings NEMO

I'm glad I could widen your view on these matters, greetings to you Ahmad.

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