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8 October 2023


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Morad, we have a long history of resistance to Soviet occupation, BUT you can't separate the fight for freedom, and methods how you do that. For a sample, put a civilian woman's corpse in the truck and drive around with it like with a hunting trophy. What was that? Israel has the power to easily wipe out all of the Gaza sector, as Putin wiped Mariupol, but they don't do that. My feeling is, that if Palestinians had that power, not one Israeli would be still alive. Im wrong?

Zemgus, Imagine with me that a state comes and occupies your country before your eyes, kills children, displaces the owners of the land from their homes, and takes away your freedom... What will you do then?? Will you be silent??
If you are to remain silent, then you are not a person of principle, and if you are to defend your land, then you are free and honorable.

Unfortunately, you have a wrong view about the Palestinian resistance, and you forget what Israel does every day against the Palestinians, who are the owners of the land and the rights.

More than 70 years of continuous violations against Palestinians and their sanctities are enough to recognize Israel’s crimes.

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