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8 September 2020

Suckers and Losers

A story in the Atlantic has Trump making derogatory remarks about war heroes.

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Not brainwash, historical FACTS:
1. BIDEN/Obama & Neocon Dems Hillary & Kerry = 6 NEW WARS + drone wars + Maghreb revolutions + Ukraine coup.
2. Trump = NO NEW cynetic WARS

A vote for Biden = vote for more WARS. You love wars, vote Biden...

I'm sorry you can't read. I'm sorry you are such a partisan you are blind to FACTS, a sign you are brainwashed. It's okay though, you are not alone here.

Hey Captain Nemo, I don't know how you got so brainwashed into loving a pathological liar, cheat, con man, eco terrorist, adulterer, racist, war hero hater, tyrant lover, etc. etc. Have you tried group therapy?

Hey Peace Dove lovers, let's do a Peace & Love poll:
- Who would prefer to have 6 wars Obama back?
- Who would prefer to have 0 new wars Trump four more years?

It's about the military, not "all the crap"...
Unlike you Tom, and many others here, I don't need news anchors to tell me what to think.

Even if the alledged hearsay by 4 anonymous sources -- a bad basis for credible info in election time, anytime-- by the same journalist that wrote papers pushing for the Iraq war in 2003, based on fake intel, even if it were true, FACTS tell a different story.

A. Obama/Clinton/Kerry, Democrats, warmongers, followed in the steps of Bush/Cheney neocons with useless quagmire 6 NEW WARS + DRONE WARS. Did you attack Obama as much or was he a saint for you?
B. Trump = ZERO NEW WAR...
Whatever he might say or not, he wants to end stupid wars, bring the soldiers home = Bad Trump, haha, you guys are funny!

Witch one shows more love for the military and its soldiers, sending them to death or bringing them home and bringing back the country instead?

And what do you here, 99% of you PEACE LOVERS do? You keep Trump-hating, Trump-bashing. Your brainwashed HATE blinds you from the most obvious facts.
Dems=wars and riots

Conclusion: it seems you and your friends here, like to Obey your lying masters, you like Hate more, you like Lying more, you like War more.
Peace & Love, eh? Show me some love now "bro"...

Did you learn this reply from Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh? Be sure and ignore all the crap Trump does and attack Obama.

Also, under bad Trump, NO NEW WARS... very bad Trump.

Obama 6 NEW WARS on top of dumb Bush wars. Lovely Obama = Nobel PEACE Prize with not a single day of peace, he holds the record. You guys are Funny.

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