canadian truck drivers cartoon del rosso
2894 x 3293 px
8 February 2022


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You're welcome Emanuele. I'm surprised though that after and between the amount of all this literal information you just retained those two "popular" expressions as a valid argument to end the discussion. Is it a biased perception of the topic, straw man fallacy or you simply don't feel like discussing the subject?
Whatever the reason might be, I of course respect the choice.
Only one thing if you allow me: adding links to document self arguments through articles or videos is far from spamming, unless you mean the very same blog of CM is a spammer, or my own cartoons forum in wich I provide info to document my own cartoons or allow others to do so if needed.
Big hug!

Thanks for clarifying Miguel, and you know I appreciate the debate, but I don’t particularly like the link-posting under the cartoons instead, because that looks a lot like spam, if you get what I mean. I know the situation is complicated - as complicated as in the US, where QAnon is a symptom of discontent that has deep roots, hence the comparison with Jake Angeli.

And cmon, “Truckers are real man”? “Freedom or death”? I understand the frustration and a difficult economic situation, but these are extremists and as such they are behaving. I think my comparison works.

No intention to discredit your work my friend, far from it!...only wider opening our rank of information regarding facts and present socio-political situation. I guess the forum zone under every cartoonist artist profile is precisely there to do so? Remember the ancient Cartoon movement moto: "There's more than one truth".
No hard feelings. You will always be welcome and invited to do so in my enabled space, and I'll be happy to hear your perspectives and your info documents in which you base your opinion, as a respected colleague. This will certainly contribute to mutual knowledge growth.

Sorry but I don’t consider this a conversation, as it is more like a long list of spammy links to dubious videos. I drew a cartoon to state an editorial opinion, I suggest you draw a cartoon to state yours and leave it at that, instead of trying to discredit my cartoon - which btw was very well met in a number of places.

#1: Sign a non reversible executive order ending pandemic,and all pandemic related mandates.
#2: Return all of Truckers money and give Truckers general amnesty from all
liability for everything related to this freedom effort.
#3:Canadian Health & Hospital Dept shall end the hospital
protocol,allow right to try medicine and no hospital visitation
restrictions to bon-afide patients immediate family members or
principals listed in a notarized health proxy.
#4: Canadian Health agencies shall become ONLY ADVISORY SERVICES (almost like weather
forecasters) with NO right to dictate any mandates, rules or
regulations. ( they cannot,force medicate/mask,close businesses,stop
rent collection,contact trace,detain arrest,etc They can only advise
and let Canadians decide what to do with their health)
#5: NATURAL IMMUNITY must be declared & accepted as the superior form of
immunity over any VAXXINE or medicine based immunity. NO FORCED
MEDICATION or medical passports, EVER.

TRUCKERS are REAL MEN who got fed up with medical tyranny, they went against the richest,most evil powerful people in the world, unarmed,peacefully, They went ALL IN for FREEDOM or DEATH. If the TRUCKERS and supporters win they will be a symbol of FREEDOM and saving the human race, If they lose WE all can look forward to more: LIES<FORCE MEDS<variants,illness and DEATH.
Truckers please Do not over-demand you will not solve
all of CANADAS problems now, You are not anti Government,not anti POLICE or ARMY.
You just want this unacceptable medical tyranny to end.
The existing Canadian government can stay in place and at the next election
ALL CANADIANS must VOTE TRUDEAU and all bad politicians OUT.
TRUCKERS must not ask for too much now, they must not look like they want to
overthrow the Government and be labeled as unreasonable insurgents or
Terrorists, etc. The Truckers have proven that they are nice peaceful
people who want to enjoy their god given right to BODILY autonomy and
be left to live their lives peacefully.

My momma is happy with how I’m doing, no need for you to mention her. And I’m doing my homework alright, don’t you worry.

No thumbs up for you this week. This is so far from the truth that your momma should give you a spanking. Do your homework before making yourself look foolish. Go to YouTube and watch some of the citizen journalists as they walk about the trucks at all hours of the day and see what is really happening on the ground.
Viva on the street

The Canadian media is owned by the government. They will not show the truth. They want to create another crazy January 6 type of situation to discount the truckers. We won't let that happen. The truth must come out. The world needs this inspiration.

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