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29 August 2020

Q Anon Theory

The Q Anon movement conspiracy theory has a number of followers in the US Republican party.

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Again, you can't read. The only emotion there is where I say "I like Tulsi" No hate, no rant in there.
The rest is factual: anyone watching Joe sees he can hardly make a full sentence with or without teleprompter and gets easily lost in hazes. Hillary keeps saying she lost but didn't. Sanders had his honeymoon in Moscow and praised many times the soviet and Castro regimes. Schiff lied for 3 years. Nadler pretends there are no riots in NYC, etc.

For Kamala, Tulsi, top 3 candidate spent around 15 min destroying her. On the Dems side, only Tulsi speaks truth:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1-CRrMDSLs (FACT!, Tulsi's, not my speech)

A hateful rant if I ever heard one. Start getting real news.

1. What committee? If you call a few ads on facebook collusion or meddling... Ya, then yes. But that isn't a meddling/collusion, that's way below the threshod of media influence, like US CNN in a Dubai airport. You don't have to believe me: 4 investigations/Congress hearings, Mueller, Schiff pretending to have evidence for 3 years he failed to present, a failed impeachment)
2. Qanon: it's a movement, who knows who they are? I dunno who or what that is for sure. At least they come up with entertaining rabbit holes and enigmas and are not burning your neighbouhood like other violent radical brainwashed nutters are.
3. Define nut jobs (Hillary is your madam president-vodka Pelosi-Schiff has evidence-Nadler clown- Castro Bernie, certainly are, AOC is a total idiotic brat and her squad friends radical nuts, Komala would sell her granma for votes and Joe isn't there.
4. Where is Tulsi? I like her. The only reasonable smart voice on the left, that survived Komala and Warren candidacies, one of the 3 finalists, a native female, a vet, pushed aside by the DNC. Why pick poseur fake Komala and not a genuine Tulsi? The DNC wants the worst to lead the country, puppets, obviously.

A Senate committee has recently confirmed there was collusion. So I believe them before I would believe you. Since you said nothing about QAnon, does that mean, like Trump, you have no problem with those nut jobs? By the way, those things your guy said in his acceptance speech about Biden, has been proven false by the fact checkers.

The Dems "Russia collusion" conspiracy theory has all the liberal media and all the Dems for followers... After 4 investigations a failed impeachment and despite the conclusion of their Mueller hero: "no collusion"... they still believe that BS.

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