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27 February 2022

Puntin‘s Russian Roulette

Gambled away: What Putin imagined as a simple game of power poker to be implemented by tactically breaking the rules has spontaneously turned for him into a nerve-wracking game of Russian roulette with a completely uncertain outcome for him, but also for Russia.

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Thank you, we will see wether this puts an and to his legacy, but his biggest strategic mistake this is for sure. Within 72 hrs he lost the support of china, united the EU, pushed Finnland and Sweden towards NATO, made even Germany deliver deadly weapons, got his international finance assets frozen, was cut of from swift and export incomes and most important lost every credibility as political and/or strategic partner. In short: he propelled russia 30 years backwards behind the locked iron curtain and threw the keys away. Bad for the russian people, they will suffer from this a long time.

I really hope this will prove to be his biggest strategic mistake and will be his downfall. Great cartoon!

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