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11 June 2021

Play with unfinished patches

World Day Against Child Labour - 12 June 2021
The United Nations has designated 2021 as the year of child labor elimination. The motto of the international labour organization is defined as this "It is time to turn commitment in to action!"

It shouldn’t be forgotten that half of the children labour (72 million) who are in Africa and (62 million) are working in Asia and the Oceania
The root causes child labour include poverty, limited access to decent work for those of are in legal age, social marginalization, discrimination, global educational inequality, the prevalence of illegal economics and poor social discourse. Are likely to be exacerbated by covid disease.
In addition to the risk of child labour children and especially girls, maybe exposed to domestic violence and more care responsibilities.

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Thank you for your attention and kind, Bahram Jan.

Thank you dear Tjeerd! Hoping for a day when working children play with joy and dream of their childhood instead of sewing the unfinished patches of their lives.

Dear Javad. It is very bitter and how well you portrayed this problem. good job. Great

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