Overcome obstacles!
4961 x 3508 px
21 August 2020

Overcome obstacles!

Down the walls that separate people and destroy dreams.

- Use in a business presentation.
- Use in the classroom.
- Use on personal website/blog.
- Use on non-profit website/newsletter.
- All licenses include the right to publish on social media channels.
- Free custom video slideshow when you purchase four cartoons or more.

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It works for a cartoon.
Now if a 100 million people decided to make their dream happen in tiny and struggling Portugal, would you be so welcoming too?
First you would have to build 100 cities to hold a million people each, and the infrastructure for it...And you would have to pay for it. And you don't have the money, nor the space for it. And it wouldn't be sustainable nor green...
In reality, that's a childish dream. Save the planet, don't dream like a Greta, haha!

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