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New president of the U.S. of A.

Sorry, someone had to draw this and you knew it wouldn't have been you. Here I am to do the dirty job.
I feel somehow compulsed to balance the excessive amount of Trump haters works and of glorifying cartoons about Biden ( a man responsible of the expulsion of 2'5 million migrants during his Obama's vicepresidency period, biggest inmmigrant expulsion campaign in the history of USA, not to forget).
Also not to forget that the orange gorilla leaves the command with the lowest rate of unemployment in US since 1960's and the highest gross domestic product in decades, not to mention the absence of military interventions during his presidency. Not so bad I'd say after all. Just for the sake of ballance dear colleagues. I'm not a Trump supporter. I don't like demagogy though, regarding gender equality, racial policies or sexual orientation as politically instrumntalised items. I feel like social struggle it's being caricaturised since a few years ago. That is my point.

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Thank you Miguel. You nailed it. Blind Leftists see this as "progress".

You’re so wrong, it’s kind of hilarious.

Brilliant Miguel. True an fair

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