Brazilian elections
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14 February 2022

Lula Bolsonaro Lula

"Bolsonaro wants to take Lula out of next elections. The president even sought out the PF to open some kind of process that would guarantee the former president's arrest and his exit from the dispute. “Any process will do,” he reportedly said at the meeting and made a suggestion.

According to the DCM, it heard from two people – one from the Federal Police and one from the Planalto – the attempt was made in October. “The president asked the PF to carry out a secret investigation against Lula to get them out of the elections”. The sentence is from a source who works in the Police and confirmed that there was a meeting between the Minister of Justice and the Director General of the PF.

The intention was to do what Moro did in 2018 and secure some conviction so that Lula would stay out of the race. For this, the PF would have even started a preliminary investigation, at the request of the president, but that did not proceed. This is because both delegates and the Judiciary did not see elements to investigate the PT." – (at

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