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1 December 2023

Kissinger Dies at 100

Since Kissinger’s passing at 100 the more I hear the more I think (with my advertising background) …. Gads this man had great branding.

Most folks including me are unaware of the many facets of the man…. My initial thoughts
So I was curious WHY the coverage on his passing was so immediately … ah…. negative.

With good reason.
He advised 12 presidents of both parties and would SHAPE SHIFT his views to accommodate them.
He seemed like a media whore loving the spotlight and rubbing elbows with celebrities.
He pitted folks against each other to achieve his goals.
He got some diplomacy right but also advised some policy decisions that led to many war deaths
And prolonged conflicts.
He said trump came to presidency “with no baggage” (I guess failed companies, thousands of lies,
Racist business dealings and accused rapes doesn’t count cause it isn’t “political")

Yup… great branding.

..ONCE AGAIN I envy my colleagues on this platform that can do word-free toons.... sad to say but all too often I feel I must INFORM my uninformed USA audience = words.

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