Lebanon disaster triggers many questions..
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5 August 2020

Justice for lebanon!

Lebanon explosion triggers many unsolved questions: who is responsible for what happened? What will come next? We are facing the unknown, in a context of acute unprecedented crisis.

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Just ask yourself "cui bono?" Who has been pushing for war with Lebanon? Who profits by the destruction of their food supply? Who needs a war to keep in power due to unpopularity in his own nation? There are so many questions. I doubt, as with 911, the truth will ever be admitted publicly.

We know that there was a huge stock of ammonium nitrate, of which the authorities were aware. And prime minister vowed to hold certain officials responsible for what happened.
But, this is part of the truth. Many people say they heard the sound of an aircraft prior the second explosion. I, personally heard it too. So, let's wait and see. There is more than what they want us to believe.

We don't even know what happened, only that a huge explosion happened.

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