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1 September 2020

Joe should not...

Hillary said "Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstance"...
Even if he loses?
Pelosi doesn't want him to debate the President.
His team tries to keep him away from a live mike as much as possible (because of his gaffes, stuttering, mumbling, racist comments, hazes, he's lost).
But the guy they brought back from retirement, who is not there there anymore, should win, with no rallies, no debates, from his basement?
"I'll try" he said in a recent interview...
No, Joe, you will win if you don't concede says failed Madam president, obey!

It seems the Dems plan is to "drag out" the election with slow stuffed mailed votes and call it a win no matter what.

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Haha, thank you Barbara.
I hope you like Hillary's new look, because Tom doesn't, he's stuck with her pre-covid bleached shorter hair, and I'm bad for doing her hair right I suppose.

Keep up with the truth Nemo!

Votes, I'd never expect a vote from you Tom, thanks for the comment.
Tjeerd only picks what he wants, votes don't count here.
It's a factual cartoon at least, meaning true, not your style Tom.
Go look at the video in my link, that's where I get a new look from.

Not funny... for you.
A senile dementia guy winning a race with no rallies, nor debates, from reading a teleprompter in a haze between two sleeps, hiding in a cave... that would be pretty funny if it happened.

This cartoon is neither funny nor clever. Also that does not look like Clinton. A big no vote.

hey, grazie Enrico

Muchas gracias querido Tonio !! ;)

Thanks Pete, Madam the president appreciates your vote and Joe Where-am-I needs it, greatly.That's 3 votes in one. You're good Pete. send 'em by mail please.

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