Image of bearded man dressed in Turbin and robes seen in sky above a cargo tanker ship, looking down at the ship. The figure is labeled "Iran." The figure's hands are seen to the side, a string ties to each finger. Suspended below the strings is seen two missiles labeled "Houthis" aimed at the cargo tanker ship.
5100 x 3600 px
16 January 2024

Iranian Puppet Master

Iran is the belligerent power behind the Houthi attacks and harassment of cargo ships in the Red Sea.

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The United State has existed for just 240 racist years, and only 16 of them have not been at war. They have built 800 military bases around the world. Wherever the American military goes, people suffer everywhere including themselves. They deserve ever thing they get as they have never won a war only against themselves.... STOP THE WAR IN GAZA AND THE HOUTHI WILL STOP TARGETING ZIONIST SHIPS.....

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