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18 September 2020

Hiden Biden masked

This priviledged white old male (progressist adjectives) with dementia, is supposed to win an election, hiding in his basement, talking through a mask, reading and mis-reading a teleprompter, with scripted questions, without rallies, without debating (Pelosi said so), and no matter what he shouldn't concede says Hillary, because they intend to screw the vote with ballot harvesting...

Hillary couldn't fill a school gymnasium, Joe can't fill a tea room... Bernie won, but the Hillary controled DNC cheated Bernie.
Everyone hates Komala, probably even more than Hillary, she was one of the first ones kicked out of the Democratic primaries race, and she said it was because they were racist, haha!

Except for fake news noise in the media and social media, reasonable people think these two are a total losers. Joe stutters, gets lost in hazes, doesn't know where he is... Why did they force him out of retirement?
And yes they are big losers.
FACT: in his previous attempts Biden never got more than 1%. Komala got 2%...

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You're exactly right Pete. Maybe that's the only reason he got chsen. Because he headed a network of corruption with no end. Having him investigated would expose that.
These guys are above the law, but with Trump, you never know, and they are not taking any chance I suppose.

Excellent cartoon NEMO, as always. I believe the only reason Biden is running is to protect him from a full-blown Department of Justice criminal investigation into 1. his corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China, and 2. His role in the attempted takedown of Trump's campaign and presidency. . Trump can't launch an investigation into a rival for the presidency

Mister Dean, I don't see your cartoons, and no bio? You're just some random Joe from the web.
Go fish some russian or chinese bride instead. FACTS tell me what, not Fox:
- 1% Joe, 2008:
"Biden Jr. of Delaware became one of the first casualties of the Iowa caucuses on Thursday night. After both failed to get a single percentage point"
- 2% Komala:
She dropped out of the race early because she was low on votes, <2%, at her lowest I see 0.31% here, after she withdrew, some idiots still vote for her, Haha!

“Because Fox News told me so...”

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