Cheshire cat  smile.
3508 x 2480 px
11 November 2020

Hidden Biden

What is hidden behind Joe Biden's Cheshire Cat smile?

It is a cat with a wide fixed smile, from "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll (1865), which occasionally disappears, and only that smile can be seen.

While with Trump the hairstyle was recognizable, at Biden I noticed that set, artificial, fixed wide smile. Maybe I'm wrong...?

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Thank you very much dear friend Reza ( Kourosh ). I'm glad to see you here!

Good one. Simple and sweet. The smile of senility and a lot of drugs to keep him upright. HOWEVER, that being said, watching this creep now sounding and looking relatively mentally together, I wonder how much of that dementia was a planned false front.

I saw it and I stole your title, because it suits him pretty well. Ha, ha, ha,...
Thank you dear NEMØ.

I also call him Hiden Biden. That smile is just a tool. The guy is 100% irrelevant, an empty vessel for an even bigger scam than he is.

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