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7 January 2021

Hell of a Day in Washington

In one of the darkest days in American history, armed thugs take over the U.S. Capitol... even darker, because it was at the incitement of the President of the United States himself.

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Hillary asked Joe not to concede, and Dems never asked BLM/ANTIFA to back down until it hurt their polls... So please. no lecturing... You and your 99.9% aligned cartoonists support establishment fake news hypocrisy... enough to say your moral value is below zero.

Of course!
You don't concede to a stolen election, I've seen some of the hearings on election fraud. None of you did, obviously... Witnesses, under oath, thousands of afidavits with photo-video-paper evidence, voting machines wired and programmed for fraud with wi-fi connections, even machines allowed to not scan signatures in Georgia, more votes coming back to Phladelphia than the number of ballots sent out, etc.
Sites like yours are part of the problem, willingly or not present only your biased side of the story only, put your blinders to avoid looking at the evidence, and keep with the same allegations, each proven wrong, but you keep going, Irresponsible and unprofessional, 1000 times worse than CNN, with cartoons... Really creepy!

Great cartoon, Steve! And Gwen, it's a bit one-sided to say the president called for protesters to go home in peace. He first called them to the Capitol and incited them with a speech to never concede and not show weakness...

Weren't you on the side of the Floyd "peacefull protests" riots? Now it's the darkest day when the president calls for his followers to avoid violence and go home in peace... Funny, but not funny.

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