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14 September 2020

He Knew

Trump knew back in January that Covid 19 was a pandemic but played it down.

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Drawde, why is an indonesian California Dem operative wasting time attacking the 0,4% minority on a European flaky 99,6% fakenews site?

TOM, I don't doubt your good intentions.
But you seem to believe the SPIN rather than raw FACTS telling a different story: TRUTH.
I demonstrated on this cartoon with your own papers.
All I'll answer to your unrelated questions: i'm an independent voice, a critical thinker, with no party, no logo, no hat.
If you flee to Canada, we have excellent micro-breweies.

Oknazi, you have nothing to do here, you have zero cartoons, making empty attacks and now using a threatening tone on whoever... You're out!

There’s a cancer growing on Cartoon Movement.
"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

You know who you are.

When I was in the Army stationed in Germany in 70-71, I read the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, about the rise of Hitler and the Nazi's. As I thought about the book, the parallels between then and the rise of Trump now is rather disturbing and how a country like ours could end up being a Banana Republic if we're not careful. Trump surrounds himself with incompetent but loyal people (many of them are already in jail). With an Attorney General like Barr, protesters are seen as seditious against the government. I could go on and on, but there's no way to get through to Trump loyalists. Others have tried quoting undisputed facts, but they are ignored by the MAGA hat crowd. I suggest you read Bob Woodward's new book.
In looking at all the cartoons on this site, all the ones I've seen depict Trump as the lying moron that he is. So looks like you are in a very small minority. Thank God for that. But, I'm still waiting for an answer to my questions, stated above. Don't worry, I'm not an authoritarian trying to make you. I won't even ask you about your favorite dessert. But I can see now why you can't answer. It would expose too much. You can go on hiding behind your fake name.
You can respond again with a long rant that does not address any of the issues that I brought up, but I will not read it. This is my last comment. You will not be hearing from me. In fact, I'm not reading any more comments on CM. I'll continue posting cartoons here, at The Week, and Politico, until the election, and then if this country does not wake up, my wife and I will be moving to another country.

Look at you commanding others to answer your random questions like a little emperor! And you call others fascists for disagreeing with you or putting out simple admitted facts.

This comment section should be about your cartoon and nothing else.

- Trump alone decided for a precautionary travel ban from China on Jan 30
against the advice of others including national health expert Dr. Fauci. who was still claiming the risk was "very low"by March 5:
- WHO declared it a PANDEMIC on March 11 only
- China/WHO/Fauci/Dems/Media spinned the news against Trump early decision and called him a racist for that.
- NOW, they say it wasn't early enough = BS, would they have been in power, at the earliest they would have taken a position to stop the virus when WHO declared it a pandemic, 40 DAYS AFTER TRUMP.

I demonstrated to you how the spin is wrong with your own reference papers, and you didn't notice it and came back with more ranting, like you didn't bother to read me.
Facts are facts, not right-wing or fascist.

I won't answer random questions to some authoritarian random guy having a melt down over facts he dislikes. (You forgot to ask about my gender, sexuality, skin color, religion, favorite dessert).

If you're a vet, let me thank you for your service.
Then, if you don't want to side with the CCP regime and its influence of Dems/Media, I suggest you question their narratives, that would be more patriotic. Thank you.

Still can't answer the questions can you. Afraid to say your real name? I'm not. I'm a proud veteran who served my country. And now under attack by right wing fanatics. I'll ask again. Do you believe in climate change? Where does your news come from? Should a President hide his tax returns from the American people? Can you believe anything that anybody says who told 20,000 lies? Still waiting for you to answer.

Did you notice what credible sources I used to prove you wrong? New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CNBC... The ones you claim right after... Ha!

It would help if you could read mister Curry (is that your real name, I don't care) before making unecessary and unrelated spicy attacks.

You're a fake. You hide behind a fake name. What is your real name? Do you keep that hidden in the same place that Trump puts his tax returns that nobody can see?
What is he hiding? He hides behind his lawyers' appeals. Do you believe in climate change? Or the scientists that have proven it exists? Anybody who believes anything Trump says who has told somewhere around 20,000 documented lies so far, and still supports him is not the sharpest crayon in the box.
I get my news from different sources. Mainly, NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, CS Monitor, PBS, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Wall St. Journal, CBS, NBC, ABC, the AP, Time and Newsweek. Now tell me where your news comes from.
If you can't respond to and answer any of the questions above, stop posting comments and go away.

You are fake news Tom, very fake news...

It was WHO's job and Dr.Fauci job, Trump is not the health expert, he closed travel weeks against the recommendations of these two idiots.

I'll prove those facts, that don't need to be proven, with your own credible sources:
- Jan 31, Trump alone decided for a China travel ban, China, WHO, Fauci against it, Dems call it racist: "“some public health and policy experts” believed the restrictions would do nearly nothing to help contain the virus." NEW YORK TIMES
- ABC news: WHO urges against China travel bans as coronavirus cases soar past 20,000 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-05/who-coronavirus-update-china-tra…
- ‘In disregard of WHO recommendation against travel restrictions, the US went the opposite way,’ WASHINGTON POST https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2020/01/31/trump-weighs-tighte…
- BIDEN in Iowa, “We have, right now, a crisis with the coronavirus… This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and XENOPHOBIA – hysterical xenophobia – and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.”
- PELOSI: encouraging people to visit Chinatown in San Francisco as a way of “end[ing] the DISCRIMINATION, the stigma that was going out against the Asian American community.”
- WHO declares a pandemic on March 11 only, 40 DAYS behind Trump precautions, CNBC https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/11/who-declares-the-coronavirus-outbreak-a…

So, it seems your forgot, or maybe you can't even read your own "credible" news.

So which horseshit right wing propaganda machine did you get that from?
Fox, Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Sinclair? I get my news from credible news sources out there and there are many.
Trump has the power, not the Democrats. And he's an idiot who denies climate change. Try to get some real facts Captain Nemo. You've been 20,000 leagues under the sea too long.

That's totally false, and anyone with 2 neurons could remember or verify these FACTS:

- January 31, Trump orders a travel ban from China / Dr Fauci is against it, WHO is against it, the Dems are against it: it was said to be "xenophobic", "racist", "offensive", "useless".
- January 17, first declared case in the USA, the Dems start another impeachment hearing
- Feb 24, San Francisco, Pelosi encourages people to visit China town for their Chinese new year festivities, the same goes for New-York, by the health official playing it down and mayor De Blasio "come to the parade".

So, please tell us again who played it down? The Dems... And now they complain about it and blame the other guy? How dumb do they think we are? At least they have you to support their joke... I doubt yu'l find many believers of that bs, even here. This cartoon is satire of satire, congratulations Tom.

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