Hate groups in the U.S. find their support on social media
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9 October 2020

Hate Platforms

Hate groups in the U.S., such as neo-Nazis, white supremacists and would-be militias, find their support, recruiting and communication on social media, giving them a far broader and faster reach than in the pre-internet days. It also enables conspiracy theories to take root and go viral, along with the incitement of violence.

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Where are the other platforms of other groups here? Lot of finger pointing at just White folk in the media these days. Seems there are other colours messing around in the same box.

And yet so many people pretend it's the nebulous "Antifa." That's what "stupid is and stupid does" for you. These platforms hide and coddle a lot hate and racial/class/ethnic hostility. They need to be regulated if they can't regulate themselves.

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