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Go Biden go

Nope, I'm not a Trump supporter at all (you can check that in my cartoons history) , but I feel a bit scared about all the haters viciously denigrating that man these days...blood in his hands? Maybe if we connect him to the domestic weapon policies, which are the same that democrats maintained by the way, or with his treats with the Netanyahu's government of Israel, but It happens to be the first U.S president in decades not to have sent his army to invade a foreign country or to get involved in an official war (maybe he just didn't have time enough I wont deny this). It happens to be too that during his command the GDP of US (gross domestic product) increased consistently compared to the one of its direct competitors and he leaves the lowest rate of unemployment in the US since the 60's. Those are official data that you can check. Now Trump is a gross, unpleasant fellow for sure, but should that interfere with the objective recognition of his achievements? Joe Biden, which during Obama's vicepresidency was responsible for the largest expulsion of inmigrants in the history of US (2'5 millions) starts his presidency flaunting that he has a transexual minister. I wonder if political correction will be enough to keep GDP or unemployment under good control. We'll have time to check this. I know those are unpopular comments although are based in real statistics, so you're very welcome to leave your insults down below. Thank you :-D

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Se comprende muy bien tu opinión y hay que admitir que la "democracia" en los EEUU de Norteamérica tiene enormes defectos y ninguna virtud. A estas alturas, el presidente menos siniestro fue sin duda Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)
Se admira tu trabajo
Carlos Tena, periodista

Your idol Trump is gone. Deal with it.

I don't like Trump. I don't like Biden either. I just want to remind a few statistics beyond my personal considerations. Glorifying or demonising characters equally submitted to similar interests feels kind of wrong to me. Thanks for your comment.

You are being honest. Today I sit at home without watching any TV; the shenanigans in the Capital nauseate me; I support/ed Trump. This is a sad day for millions of us but don't expect the same bad behaviour he got during his presidency from us.

Your honesty is appreciated. This forum is one of the worst for international Trump bashing.

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