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16 November 2020

Every (illegal) vote counts

Biggest voter fraud in history, and the media are complicit by not reporting it.

Evidence everywhere, seen on TV by all when the count froze, witnesses, videos, data, ballots destroyed or dumped by postmen paid $5 000 per 10 000 trump votes destroyed, rigged voting machines, statitical impossibilities, etc.

"We have the biggest voter fraud organisation", says Joe: https://youtu.be/BRZEs9BRGK4
"I don't need voters to get elected" https://thedonald.win/p/11PWCUjf0S/joe-biden-i-dont-need-voters-to-/c/

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Haha, thanks Barb

As usual, those who can't... criticize without much skill.

Gracias Pedro.
They use children trolls for cartoonists it seems.

The non-cartoonist's are digging holes for themselves again.

Exellent NEMO, love it, my vote

Your doggo is certainly better than you, that's for sure. Drawsde can't drawand Edward can't argue... both you?

You can’t draw, and it isn’t art. My doggo does far better commentary and cartoons.

You're right Adriana: BS "president-elect"

And thanks for your vote on my cartoon Dean, here you can only vote once :)
How many times did you vote for Joe?

partisan loser can't draw, wastes time criticizing those that can

You and Trump, the biggest sore losers in the world.

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