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11 November 2020

To coup or not to coup

A president who is unwilling to make a concession speech is a president who aims for a coup. Without a party that has apparently lost even the last shred of democratic dignity and backbone, it would be nothing but a final smudge at the end of a painful episode before the necessary basic political cleanup begins. But with the support of this party it opens the gates to a state crisis with an uncertain outcome.

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Your cartoons are excellent.

It would be great to see cartoons helping America unite

As a Canadian, why do I care?
To misquote Robin Williams slightly,
"Canada's ... you're like a sweet little apartment on top of an insane asylum"

As America goes, so does Canada


Thanks Guido

You'd be right in the real world.

He can't be planning "coup" because that would mean he knows he's lost - and he doesn't believe it, never will. Nor will a minority of his supporters - the core of his "base".

Trump is certainly not holding back on the concession because he's planning a coup but because he's simply unable to ever make such a speech.

If Trump managed to overturn the election, it would be a "coup" in the colloquial sense
but not in the sense of "... an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator."
The only way he can pull it off is via a manipulation of legal means like risking manipulation of the electors in the Electoral College. So it would be "legal"


You know, that evidence without proof is called hearsay. Would you mind to give any substancial proof for your claim?

Evidence like a 600K votes ahead in Philadelphia and then at 3.30 am 130k ballots arrive, all for Biden, and it keeps growing up to 633k to pass over Trump, without observers allowed... A statistical impossibility.

What evidence? I hear evidence screaming all over Breitbartesque media outlets, but when it comes to hard proof there is remarkably little, better said nothing but more screaming of „evidence all over“-hearsay. It seems that providing enough fog and confusion itself is the goal.


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