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18 September 2020

BLM's War on Cops

Law enforcement agencies across the US are on a war footing after the recent shooting ambush of two police officers in Los Angeles and repeated threats to kill police at "Black Lives Matter" riots throughout the summer.

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A blm supporter just randomly killed 3 patrons in a bar for retired cops in Kentuky... I guess he really cared for them.

Adriana is a "thoughtful" and very "progressive" person from the superior race of "millenials"... Therefore, out of the blue, she insults people she doesn't know, because she cares.

Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about, Couch potatoe much? And Mister Dean... It's funny you guys call anything you dislike "fascist"... what does that make you?

Oh yeah? Quite surprising indeed!
They've been calling for violence against cops since ther inception.
- Let's start with a few blm slogans: F*** 12, F*** the police, ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards).
- One of their chants: Pigs (police) in a blanket, fry them like bacon
Many cops actually killed by blm related thugs. Execution style, like this one in Dallas in 2016, Baton Rouge, and this year alone many other cops wounded and killed, including that 70 year old policeman. David Dorn...I saw the video of him dying on the sidewalk, please watch it too, RIP Captain Dorn:

I know it doesn’t fit your right-wing proud boy fascist agenda, but you’ll be surprised to know that BLM supporters are horrified by the shooting of those police officers, and the individual responsible must be found and charged with attempted murder.

Very good one.
To blm lovers here: the young police woman shot is a woman and a mother... and black!

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