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Maguindanao Massacre and Philippine Free Press

Today marks the 11th anniversary of single deadliest event for journalists in history. 58...

23 November 2020
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Into another lockdown?

This cartoon was commissioned by media platform 5 as part of a series of cartoons...

25 September 2020
Charlie and the Child Labor Factory

Child labor is rampant in many industries, such as chocolate/cocoa and coffee. November...

7 November 2020
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Human rights violator meets human rights violator

Recently, Philippine President Duterte met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during...

3 September 2018
Hypocrisy on Nike's Kaepernick Ad

Amidst the backlash, Nike actually posted a double digit increase in their merchandise...

9 September 2018
Failure of Philippine Drug War

Heavily criticized by many countries, Philippine President Duterte's drug war campaign...

3 November 2019