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Into another lockdown?

This cartoon was commissioned by media platform 5 as part of a series of cartoons...

25 September 2020
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Human rights violator meets human rights violator

Recently, Philippine President Duterte met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during...

3 September 2018
Hypocrisy on Nike's Kaepernick Ad

Amidst the backlash, Nike actually posted a double digit increase in their merchandise...

9 September 2018
[Sketch 1] Use of standards

We commit ourselves to attempting consistently to achieve our standards and we expect to...

26 September 2018
[Sketch 1] Right to asylum and non-refoulement


The right to seek asylum or sanctuary remains vital to the...

28 September 2018
Failure of Philippine Drug War

Heavily criticized by many countries, Philippine President Duterte's drug war campaign...

3 November 2019