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A visual synthesis of the pandemic

...pretty accurate I'd say.
Check it out.
By the way, CDC (center for Disease control and Prevention) has just banned PCR Test as functional to evaluate positive cases of covid for not being able to distinguish it of an ordinary flue or A influenza. Considering that the whole pandemic definition was based on those disfunctional PCR...is it legal to talk about a pandemic yet? and: what have they been diagnosing to the population these last 2 years then? tic...tac..tic...tac...

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Let's see how long I'll last. I'm already 64 times banned from FB, 4 times banned from Youtube and restricted on twitter and Instagram. Is certainly not the best times for freedom of expression. But nobody seems to care.

WOW! I have been following your material for years now and this latest stuff truly is your most dangerous. Of course it is over the heads or over the top for so many. Your insight is a fresh breeze right now.

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