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18 January 2021

Stars & Barbs

It doesn’t make sense. You don’t need barbed wire, 30k armed soldiers, armored vehicles, Patriot missiles, and a squad of F-16 fighter jets to fight a bunch of Trump supporters that would never make it over the Capitol fortifications anyway. The Democrats have already gone off the Constitution-destroying rails...and they’re not even in power yet.
What do you think they’re *really* rolling out at the inauguration that’s got them so worried that the country will require mass-scale armed military suppression of its own civilians?

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The domestic terrorists were armed, organized and had bombs. A show of power was needed to stop these fascists from thinking they could even try to overthrow the government again. You know this, of course.

Traitors are not civilians of the USA
Silly comment and a low bar for graphic art.

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