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Realities you don't see on TV

In 2014 George Soros (admited by himself) finances a coup d'etat to fire democratically elected Yanukóvich and take economical possession of that country. Would be followed on presidency by Poroshenko til the charge of Zelenski in 2019. During all those years the territories of Lugansk and Donetsk have been harrassed with multiple population rape and killing for their filo-russian condition. As a matter of fact NATO is violating his treaty with Russia of non expansion to the east after his threat to include Ukraine in its club, breaking so the pacted neutrality of that territory for the sake of geo-political peace of both blocks of power. Not to mention the recently discovered US laboratories which apparently contain biological weapons , violating so too other international norms of bio-security (ukranian army has been incinerating documents in the surrounds of the mentioned structures). In the meantime the E.U. is negotiating the inclusion of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia in its club, violating again the treaty on non expansion and further provoking russians which are logically trying to protect their sovereignty as any other country would do in equal circumstances. So who's trying to colonise who in this war? Just turn off the TV and be a bit curious about history. Then make your mind and choose your beliefs, but to do so you need to be properly informed, as in any circumstance (also valid for the former sanitary fraud...what happened with covid?)
No, I've never been pro-Putin, I've always been pro-geopolitical facts. Is a duty of any cartoonist to be documented about the reality that is treating, otherwise we turn into puppets of establishment reproducing like tropical parrots the dominating dogma dictated by media.
дякую, спасибо.

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The transcript of Soros' interview in 2014 is here:

You say you're for facts. The facts are that there is absolutely nothing in the interview about funding coups or Yanukovich or Poroshenko or Zelensky.

He does say "Putin will try to destabilize Ukraine. But the Ukrainians, the large majority of Ukrainians, are determined to be independent of — of Russia. It won’t be easy, because Putin has staked his regime on destabilizing Ukraine, because it’s a threat to Ru — to his regime in Russia. If you have freedom, a free media and so on, and a flourishing economy, that would make his regime unsustainable."

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