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9 January 2021


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- Use in the classroom.
- Use on personal website/blog.
- Use on non-profit website/newsletter.
- All licenses include the right to publish on social media channels.
- Free custom video slideshow when you purchase four cartoons or more.

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Everything about this message is bass ackwards. Funny how this image is deemed "racist" when there is nothing racist about it.

Great one Glen! Of course the Trump fans hate it, but they’ll never approve of their obvious racism being called out.

Better said, Peter.

Technically and composition-wise it's a decent image. But why is there a swastika on that flag? Resorting to a trope to make up for your inability to articulate an idea is lazy. You're better than this Glen.

When patriots are nazis... I need an encyclopedia to see how that definition fits reality. 6 months of BLM/ANTIFA protest riot/vandalizing/looting/arson/violence/murder are okay but 1 day of election fraud protests are nazi? Confusing times...

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