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16 April 2022

Orbán gives advice to Macron

Viktor Orbán with piglets in a pig pen

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This is misinterpretation of the hungarian economy. Only, ONLY Orbán's most loyal oligarchies get it most of EU fundings, while the local governments (even with Fidesz leadership(!) get nothing more than mere school & hospital renovations, square stone and bicycle path pavings in their cities. The living conditions of Fidesz' rural voter base have changed virtually nothing in 12 years, but the Orbán' "public" media constantly distracts attention from any abuse of power, corruption or even paedophile cases, not even letting the opposition into the TV headquarters to correct the constant lying propaganda. They deliberately target the most vulnerables (homeless, LGBTQ) in society just to fuel hatred and division while portraying Orban as an infallible national leader and his opposition as the satanic Soros or Gyurcsány stooges who wish for the destruction of Hungary.

So thank you for speaking out as a German about what is happening in my country, but forgetting one tiny, tiny reason; Merkel and the German economic elite have so far completely ignored what Orbán is doing, as long as he keeps wages low and serves them with countless industrial tax discounts.

They don't give a shit how much Orbán steal, because the loss is spread among all member states anyway, while the profit is left only in German hands. That is why a dozen German multinationals (Lidl, Penny, Pepco, Klik :ect) are expanding unstoppably in my country. So thanks for the free money, you have managed to turn my country into a balkanian shit, because the EU has no moral or ideological basis, it merely serves your country, the Fourth German Reich.

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