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30 July 2020

Fauxi lied

- In 2005 the NIH published this: Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
- 2020, Fauci's, head of the NIH for decades says HCQ doesn't work for coronavirus and that he doesn't want to spend money on trials. The top expert didn't know, forgot...?
- The WHO also canceled trials on HCQ.
We have some great experts taking care of global health.

- After trashing HCQ for months, a few media, quickly mentioned recent studies in its favour.
- Twitter, Facebook, Google censored a video of doctors in favor of HCQ, seen by 14 million people, labelling it DISINFORMATION! Many sharing that video were SUSPENDED. Twitter deleted the link shared by Trump.
Media know better than doctors.

Study shows HCQ lowers risk of COVID19 by 79% where it is widely used hcqtrial.com

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Thank you for your honest and truthful cartoons. You go where so few dare to go. Brave man, highly skilled warrior.

Maybe that's why I'm threatened of being suspended here Barbara...

I agree Adriana,

I have contradictory scientific references, you only have your ignorant word, you are BS.

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