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15 December 2021

Diversity is OK

Diversity matters

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Thank you again, Tjeerd, for your explaining and your understanding. This motivates. Agree to it is something if an image can reach many hearts whether we call it a cartoon or an illustration. Best wishes...

I did not mean anything negative with calling it an illustration. I think there is a distinction between the two, but it's not a clear distinction and both categories can overlap. Anyway, I liked the visual, whether we call it a cartoon or an illustration.

Thanks for appreciation Tjeerd. I know that you and me have different meanings about what illustration and cartoon are, and it seems that you like to much to point differences about it. For me this is used as cartoon, the way that to show differences and diversity between people. I could always do more mening with a more strong punch line, but my choices are about making ironi not so open and full of surprises and drive with clishées as most cartoons has nowadays. I thank your comment anyway, we are here just to make expressions. People cannot be alike and different approaches can be fun if you can try to see them with another eyes.. Best wishes. Have a nice day...

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