burn loot murder
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26 August 2020

Burn loot murder

90 days after G Floyd death, riots are still being called "protests" by the media.
The Democrats support it. The Republicans, except for a few, aren't speaking against it.

Looting and burning downtown businesses are justified reparations?

Going to residential areas, organising checkpoints, spreading terror in the streets and residential areas, attacking police and feds in the middle of the night, those are peaceful protesters? How using extreme violence on random civilians or business owners helps justice, minorities or stop violence? How is that "peaceful"? Justified?

2000 wounded cops, 16 deaths, that was last week count, I'm sure it greatly helps Floyd. Killing black cops is anti-racist because cops are KKK, even the black ones?

Now I read this more and more:
"I was a registered democrat, after seeing support for this divisive race war, I am a democrat no more".

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I'm somewhat surprised, nobody else here seems minimally interested by my (raw) reporting of what appears to be an upclose witness of the Kenosha shooting 20 minutes after it happened.
Yeah, wait until NYT digests it and makes it fit to its narrative instead...


Excellent illustration an commentary as always, I vote NEMO.

Time for some swift action against the mob.

Some handy Twitter feeds

Andy Ngô

Chatters just decided to go to bed and try to sleep.
Good night Kenosha, I wasn't expecting a live illustration of my cartoon.

So, now, the media will excitedly jump on this and spin it their way I suppose, now that, after 90 days, they can blame a shooting on citizens left to defend themselves, what will it be?
"Racist violent vigilante murders unarmed peaceful protesters"?

BREAKING LIVE _ 2:29 am, local time.
Governor Evers refused federal help to stop the riots/looting/burning/violences in Kenosha, Wi, resulting in many left to defend themselves and their properties.
In a YT chat I read this live about the riots there, a chatter says he just witnessed a shooting 20 min ago, that rioters attacked patriots defending businesses.

- ​Witness, Angry Beaver:
The rioters rushed the patriot and knocked him down. without missing a beat drew down on one rioter hitting him in the chest killing him too
- Chat moderator, Emily Winkler:
​That's just crazy the mob thinks a person with a gun will not protect themselves. did the mob run after?
- The patriot seen another rioter pull a gun and the patriot shot him too, literally blowing his arm off.
- ​Same guy, 3 shots?
- The patriot got up changed mags safetied his weapon and calmly walked away. Same guy dropped three of them yes.
- Did the mob run away after the shooting or what happened?
- Pretty much yes there was people running everywhere. Alternatively: THERE WERE NO FIRES SET TONIGHT
- ​I'm sad that it came to that. I blame governor Evers. he needed to call in more national guard and let them do their job. now there's citizens doing it. terrible.
- Tbh I'm amazed at the patience of American citizens.
- And that Patriot will be made a villan
- ​If the cops your paying taxes for aren't doing thier jobs for whatever reason then ya ; anyone is gonna eventually fight back. There is so much video evidence showing self defense. they can say what they want ; at thus point they do anyway.
- But yes they will try and get him. ​Tony Evers is the governor and was offered more help, he declined. The blame for this falls on his desk.
- Absolutely it does. Criminally charged
- Had the Patriot been arrested yet?
- ​I think he stuck around till the cops showed up i didn't see the cops disarming him. cops were just talking to him.
- ​I'm sure he'll be arrested and the Kenosha district attorney will charge him with murder or at the very least manslaughter. sigh. it's a shame.
- What are the gun laws like there?
- Not terrible but IDK if what the Patriot did is covered. Self defense against 2 of them maybe. the one he shot to prevent arson may not be
- I'm almost sure they have Castel doctrine. to my understanding that means its lawful to protect others properties as well as your own
- We don't have stand your ground. we have castle doctrine. you're allowed to use deadly force if you are in imminent danger to protect your life. so the 2 he shot defending himself are covered, the one he shot to prevent arson is not under our laws. However, I'm not a lawyer and the district attorney will probably charge him with something for all 3.
- That Patriot's life may be ruined because Governor Evers didn't do his job. makes me so ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY. ​if you've got a dem mayor and governor, you're screwed. that sums it up.
- ​The rioters in Kenosha cut the crap immediately and went home.
- ​imagine that. when met with force the roaches ran away. either more Patriots will show up tomorrow and a crap ton of rioters "in response to the incident" OR the mobs will lessen. I think the former.
- Emily the rioters were armed as well

... (and it keeps going)...

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