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My dear usual trolls...
Biden can't make a sentence straight. He's not answering tough questions. Even those are prepared and he often reads from a teleprompter or flash card to answer them, getting it wrong while reading it. He hides in his basement. Biden team thought he was better off campaign than talking... So ya, the world doesn't see or hear him. That's not laughable at all, for sure, and when he speaks straight he can say interesting things like that:
- "We have the biggest voter fraud organisation", says Joe: https://youtu.be/BRZEs9BRGK4
- "I don't need voters to get elected" https://thedonald.win/p/11PWCUjf0S/joe-biden-i-dont-need-voters-to-/c/
- And Pelosi said, "Joe will be elected whatever the results" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f69AGwqJ5o
Doesn't it sound like a fix was in? So, he won... ? Hahaha!

I never agreed with Maradona's political views. Having said that, you seem to be completely non-empathic and unaware of Argentine history. Maradona was taken out of the worst barrio you can imagine to play for the US sponsored dictatorship in 1978. Maradona has been a tortured soul ever since, finding himself moving from not having anything to eat to have millions in his pockets. He spoke his mind and the Argentine public feels he earned it whether you agree with him or not.

You had to admit, however, that Trump has never shown any sliver of intelligence, let alone, decency. However sleepy Joe may seem to you, he hasn't been the laughing stock of the World like corrupt Trump has.